The Bustling Hotel Lyndon, Los Gatos

The Bustling Hotel Lyndon, Los Gatos

Lyndon Plaza, which houses Satellite Workplaces Los Gatos, sits at 20 S. Santa Cruz Avenue and W. Main Street. It was at one time The Los Gatos Hotel. The hotel sat in the heart of Los Gatos and was central to the lives of those who lived there. 


John Lyndon was an early settler in the Los Gatos area. In 1878, he deeded land to the Pacific Coast Railroad and built a hotel across the street from the train station. This brought an influx of business and tourism to the town. That hotel burned down on May 26, 1898, when a gas lamp exploded. Hotel Lyndon opened on June 1, 1899, as the replacement for the original hotel. 



The beautiful new building served as the site of numerous celebrations, banquets, meetings, and dances until it was destroyed in 1963. Old articles found in the building suggest that almost anything that could happen in the daily life of a small town happened at the hotel.


From hotel to coworking space, our central location is perfect for business and community activities alike. We love being within walking distance of amazing restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, and cafes. Nestled right at the base of the stunning Santa Cruz mountains, you have an ideal work atmosphere with an unmatchable downtown vibe only Los Gatos can offer. 

Member Spotlight: Raymond & Erin Rand, Growing Greener Innovations

Member Spotlight: Raymond & Erin Rand, Growing Greener Innovations

Raymond & Erin Rand are a couple that has lived in Silicon Valley for the last 20 years. Erin is from Canada and Raymond is from England. They originally met at University in Canada and transitioned to California after graduating. The last 20 years have been a mixture of start-ups and corporations, with Erin in Operations and Finance roles and Raymond in Marketing, Engineering, and Program Management. They both love to travel, try new food, and go hiking.

Hi Raymond, tell me about your business and what you do!

Growing Greener Innovations (GGI) is a Canadian renewable energy start-up that is building LFP batteries at its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. GGI will be one of the few companies in North America that will fully manufacture cells & battery packs. Most North American companies build battery packs from cells that are manufactured outside North America. GGI is a social enterprise company that is working to reduce energy poverty in areas where traditional grid infrastructures are not available (remote, inhospitable, etc). Erin is the CEO of the company and I’m the Head of Product Development.

What drew you to this industry?

Both Erin and I are engineers by education and have a background in software and hardware systems. The draw of renewable energy is the possibility of improving people’s lives while helping to reduce carbon emissions and replace traditional generation using devices such as Diesel Generators. 

What’s something you’re excited about right now?

The amount of interest in the world to replace greenhouse gas producing devices. There’s also the real push for clean energy alternatives that are more than just talking points. I think the next 5 years are going to see an explosion in wind, solar, and other alternative energy sources.

What brought you to Satellite Workplaces?

We are longtime residents of Los Gatos and have friends who have used Satellite Workplaces before. When we did the tour with Stacy we were impressed with how well-kept the offices and common spaces are.

What’s your favorite thing about Satellite Workplaces?

Very friendly people, both the staff and the other occupants. I also love the coffee and some of the treats that are put out.

Check out Raymond & Erin’s website! →

Featured Satellite Staff: Barbara Sprenger

Featured Satellite Staff: Barbara Sprenger

I live and breathe coworking these days, and the greatest part of that is meeting and chatting with our wonderful members. You’re all doing such exciting things!

I’ve lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains for many years, raising my four kids here. Over time, though, I’ve gone through a lot of iterations: living in England for three years (two kids born there); living in West Virginia for eight years with no running water, growing most of our food (two more kids); starting a technology business and growing its two niche products to 90% of the world market before selling to a Fortune 1000 business; and in the middle, getting degrees in Economics and Public Policy.

You may notice the software that is in the background of everything you do at the Satellite: Deskworks. That’s the main thing I work on these days, making it easier for people to create the workplace of the future. A future in which people can work anywhere in the world virtually while connecting in their chosen community, avoiding commutes and the resultant CO2 emissions, working closer to their kids, and generally improving their quality of life.

That’s why I’m here.

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International Coworking Day 2022

International Coworking Day 2022

Dear Members & Friends,

Please join us for a FREE day of coworking in celebration of International Coworking Day on August 9, 2022. We are opening our doors to all for a chance to try our space, meet neighbors, and be productive!

At Satellite Workplaces, we believe a new, healthy work-life balance, coupled with vibrant, active communities, can be created using remote technology tools and local, connected workspace: a 21st Century Village in which people can minimize commutes and work anywhere in the world while physically living and connecting in their chosen community.

On August 9th, we are celebrating our commitment to providing comfortable, connected, affordable community workplaces. We believe local coworking spaces have the power to enhance walkable communities and vibrant town cores, reduce CO2 emissions and gridlocked roads, and improve workers’ quality of life.

Please join us on August 9th at any of our locations for a full day of coworking, on us! Bring your friends and get to work!

See you soon,

Your Satellite Team