The Charming Downtown Felton: Home to the first Satellite Workplace

The Charming Downtown Felton: Home to the first Satellite Workplace

Our coworking space in historic downtown Felton has quite the past. This particular location holds a special place in the history of our company as the first-ever Satellite Workplace, opening its doors in 2009, before we even knew the term “coworking.” 


Built in 1893, the building is the 2nd oldest in the town and has seen many incarnations over the years. It started its life as the Alcazar Dance Hall in the early days of the town, moving through tire store, appliance store, grocery store, and, for about 40 years, various banks.



The building has grown. Our “quiet room” and breakroom were once a driveway leading to the Ice House, before people had electric refrigeration. When we modernized our event space, we uncovered beautiful hand-floated glass windows that no one knew existed. Above the dropped ceiling, we found a wooden sign proclaiming, “Roy’s Market. Meat 5 cents!”



The transformation of this space into a modern, coworking space still fills us with pride. When the power’s down in town, our generator allows people to work. When people in the outlying areas lose satellite dish internet for Zoom calls, they can come here for the fiber we were able to bring in.



This is why we do what we do: allowing people in small towns to connect with each other, while working virtually anywhere in the world! Satellite Workplaces is truly a labor of love.

The Iconic Pruneyard Shopping Center: Home to Satellite Campbell

The Iconic Pruneyard Shopping Center: Home to Satellite Campbell

The Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell, built in 1964, holds a special place in local history. Nestled adjacent to Historic Downtown Campbell and serving as the home of Satellite Workplaces since 2020, this landmark location carries a legacy that spans several decades.


Long before its transformation into a bustling shopping center, The Pruneyard’s grounds were originally a sprawling 27-acre orchard bearing the fruits of pears and prunes, known as Brynteson Ranch. Emerging in the late 1960s, The Pruneyard Shopping Center took shape as an open-air complex, reflecting the architectural nuances of the Mission Revival style. The center quickly became a Silicon Valley landmark, evolving over time and recently undergoing an extensive renovation.



The center’s easy accessibility to major freeways renders it an inviting destination, drawing visitors in with its diverse array of shopping and entertainment offerings. Central to the Pruneyard experience is its culinary landscape. An eclectic blend of dining establishments, ranging from casual eateries to Michelin-starred establishments, thrives in the vicinity.


The Pruneyard also hosts frequent community events. Our members love working steps away from all of the action! And the proximity to a wide variety of shopping and dining options adds a layer of convenience and luxury to their coworking experience.



We take immense pride in our association with The Pruneyard. Serving as an integral part of the retail landscape, we have the privilege of contributing to the dynamic shopping experience while embracing the legacy that the building and center represent.


Throughout our journey, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of businesses and individuals, from startups to established corporations to solo entrepreneurs and remote workers. The story of The Pruneyard Shopping Center continues to evolve, and we’re thrilled to play a part in its ongoing narrative.

The Serene Soquel Ave: Home to Satellite Workplace & Digital Media Studio Santa Cruz

The Serene Soquel Ave: Home to Satellite Workplace & Digital Media Studio Santa Cruz

Satellite Workplace & Digital Media Studio is located on Santa Cruz’s east side, within walking distance of downtown shops, restaurants, and services. The building was originally a bank, then a AAA office, and then a pool hall before Satellite made its home here. The Santa Cruz Satellite location was chosen for its high ceilings as Satellite also houses Community Television of Santa Cruz County.

Our favorite thing about working in this building is the fun and vibrant interior and decor, with 30-foot murals that make you feel like you’re relaxing outside. Our members love our digital media studio and working alongside other creative individuals in our peaceful workspace. We are excited to open up our newly annexed solarium-style workspace, with more open co-working spaces, new offices, and our largest conference room!

The Vibrant Monterey Street:  Home to Greenhouse Coworking Gilroy

The Vibrant Monterey Street: Home to Greenhouse Coworking Gilroy

Conveniently located at 7500 Monterey Street in Gilroy, Greenhouse Coworking is nestled on a vibrant strip with a rich history. Originally built in 1954 this building has been a Wells Fargo bank, and later transformed into Garlic City Billiards, providing a fun space for pool enthusiasts.

Today, it stands as an ideal coworking space, thanks to its central location and ample parking. Just steps away, you’ll find an array of fantastic restaurants, perfect for a delicious meal. Take a leisurely stroll down Monterey Street, where you can enjoy window shopping and grab a quick bite at charming local cafes.

The area is buzzing with opportunities for networking and fostering connections. Numerous businesses in close proximity provide a thriving ecosystem for collaboration and growth.

During the months of June and August, the street comes alive with the Downtown Live event. This lively gathering features food trucks, vendors, and weekly live music.

Greenhouse Coworking in Gilroy is proud to be part of the local community and contribute to its vibrant culture!

The Bustling Hotel Lyndon: Home to Satellite Los Gatos

The Bustling Hotel Lyndon: Home to Satellite Los Gatos

Lyndon Plaza, which houses Satellite Workplaces Los Gatos, sits at 20 S. Santa Cruz Avenue and W. Main Street. It was at one time The Los Gatos Hotel. The hotel sat in the heart of Los Gatos and was central to the lives of those who lived there. 


John Lyndon was an early settler in the Los Gatos area. In 1878, he deeded land to the Pacific Coast Railroad and built a hotel across the street from the train station. This brought an influx of business and tourism to the town. That hotel burned down on May 26, 1898, when a gas lamp exploded. Hotel Lyndon opened on June 1, 1899, as the replacement for the original hotel. 



The beautiful new building served as the site of numerous celebrations, banquets, meetings, and dances until it was destroyed in 1963. Old articles found in the building suggest that almost anything that could happen in the daily life of a small town happened at the hotel.


From hotel to coworking space, our central location is perfect for business and community activities alike. We love being within walking distance of amazing restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, and cafes. Nestled right at the base of the stunning Santa Cruz mountains, you have an ideal work atmosphere with an unmatchable downtown vibe only Los Gatos can offer. 

The Historic Del Monte Building: Home to Satellite Sunnyvale

The Historic Del Monte Building: Home to Satellite Sunnyvale

The Historic Del Monte Building, home to Satellite Workplaces for more than ten years and a large part of Sunnyvale history, was built in 1904. This area boasted orchards and fruit for miles. At first, dried fruits were processed here.

From 1930-1986 this building was used for seed processing and research. In 1993, no longer active, the Del Monte Building was moved across the street, to the corner of Murphy and Evelyn, in order to avoid demolition. It was then renovated for Commercial use: a hotel/restaurant, then an event space hosting weddings and banquets, and a coworking space today.

This special location was dedicated as a Historic Building in March of 1999. The plaque on the building notes the contribution to local history and business.

Satellite owners and members alike love the location right in the middle of downtown and its action as well as proximity to the train station. Location, Location, Location!

A lot of people have come through these doors over the years. One new member walked into Satellite and gasped. “Oh my gosh, I got married here”! Nice memory for him going back to the event space days. And a heartwarming story for us!

We at Satellite are proud to participate in the continued legacy of this building. The location is prime, near restaurants, cafes, and the train station. The history is rich. We have enjoyed working with so many businesses and individuals, from startups to corporations to solo ventures. We count ourselves lucky to be here and look forward to more action right here!