Member Spotlight: Sean

Member Spotlight: Sean

Hi! My name is Sean and I am an applied analytics PhD man. I have worked for various companies analyzing data and writing reports.


I love the relaxed atmosphere here at The Satellite Flexible Workspace & Digital Media Studio. The people I have met here are great and I found The Satellite has made it easier to find friends and network. I think I can balance work and personal time because I try to carve out little moments throughout my day where I can step away from work and recenter my brain and I can be even more productive. 

Member Spotlight: Hank Ratzesberger

If you need help with Linux, web hosting, or email security configuration, touch base with Hank Ratzesberger a member at Satellite Felton. Hank is a programmer, and marks his starting milestone as “when Time’s Man of the Year was a personal computer”. His expertise derived from his first employer who required that all code had flawless formatting and was thoroughly documented; it was a crash course in professionalism. A recent returnee to the Santa Cruz mountains from LA jobs, his route here traversed California coastal towns (and every good surf spot btw). A fond memory of that time–his whippets who used to chase jackrabbits.  They are dearly missed.

Hank was OVER working from home, which landed him at the Satellite. “I don’t have to heat or cool this space. Haha, but around here, you never know when the power’s going out.  There is space here. Tell your over-the-hill bosses that there is a functional office here that will save gas, time, and avoid Highway 17.” 

Hank is excited about getting all his Raspberry Pi devices working. He says, “One is an OpenWRT router, another is a WiFi Zero, and I have a LTE modem on another for Internet of Things … things.” 

Member Spotlight: Ramak “Remy” Razavi, PPD Consulting Genentech

Member Spotlight: Ramak “Remy” Razavi, PPD Consulting Genentech

Ramak “Remy” Razavi shares her experience from her first few months at Satellite Sunnyvale.


I just started at Satellite Workplaces Sunnyvale in September. It was very easy to find with a simple Google Search. Satellite has been friendly, easy to navigate, and better than I’d imagined when it comes to making friends and networking connections.


I am a Biosample Operation Manager at PPD Consulting Genentech. My company is a clinical research organization that provides services to biopharma biotech companies in their clinical trial management. 


I used to work in a lab and an academic environment for a long time. I wanted to have a new adventure in the field of biotech.


My favorite thing about Satellite Workplaces is the friendly environment, nice location, and the building’s cleanliness. I am thriving while working here – being around good people.


Like many, I constantly seek a balance between work and personal time. While it depends on the volume of work I carry, I try to spend time walking, meditating, and social networking.

Member Spotlight: Marci Schwartz, Thrive College Counseling

Member Spotlight: Marci Schwartz, Thrive College Counseling

I am Marci Schwartz, and I work as a college counselor to support neurodiverse students and students with various learning profiles to navigate a path to college. I work with students to help them understand the differences between high school and college as it pertains to their learning needs, so they are in the best position possible to access the educational experience they desire.


I founded Thrive College Counseling with the goal of supporting teens with learning differences to make the difficult but important transition into independence. Thrive College Counseling works with students to discover their best college fit to ensure a successful transition to the college or program of their choice after high school. I began my career as a therapist and provided counseling services to parents of children with developmental and learning challenges since 1989. In this capacity, I worked with children and teens to better understand their strengths and challenges and develop the independent living skills and self-advocacy skills necessary for independence. I received my Ph.D. from New York University and my Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA Extension in 2016. I currently teach an online class at UC Irvine to individuals who are working on their college counseling certificates. The class is entitled “Working With Students With Learning Differences”. I am also an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine.


I transitioned to being a college counselor from the role of therapist, as I saw so many students struggle with adjusting to college and finding success. I decided to refocus my work to support students to be prepared for the college experience and educated as to what skills they can build while in high school to achieve their goals.


I am excited about the people I get to meet at colleges across the country who are building programs to support the learning needs of students more holistically than in years past. It is wonderful to work with families and professionals who take a strengths-based approach in their work, and I am looking forward to continuing my learning in this space at the upcoming Stanford Neurodiversity Summit


Like many people, I have realized how productive I can be by working through Zoom, and so I made the decision to give up my office space. I appreciate the location of Satellite Los Gatos, the option to use space at other locations as needed based on my schedule, and the friendly people and atmosphere.  


My favorite aspect of Satellite Workplaces is the relaxed and open energy that is welcoming to me and the students that I do see there in person when it is a fit for their needs. 

Member Spotlight: Bob and Sandy Jamison, Tuscana Properties

Member Spotlight: Bob and Sandy Jamison, Tuscana Properties

Two Bay Area real estate agents, Bob and Sandy Jamison, tell us about how they found their way into the industry and how they became the brokers and owners of Tuscana Properties.


What do you do for work? 

We change people’s lives by helping them accomplish their real estate goals which is one of the biggest purchases they will make in their lifetime.


How did you initially get started in real estate? 

Bob and I both started out working in the tech industry. Then we started investing very early on in our 20s.  We decided to get our real estate license so we could buy and sell for ourselves. That led us into representing clients and ultimately become brokers and owners where we’ve built a team of agents.


Who or what is your biggest influence?

We have had several coaches over the past several years. Each of which have contributed greatly to our success in different ways. However, I believe the biggest influence is the strong work ethic and drive that both Bob and I share which makes us successful. We influence each other and support growth together.


What’s something you’re excited about right now?

We are very excited to be in one of the best markets in Real Estate – the Bay Area. Real Estate is ever-changing and Bob and I are good at quickly adapting to the trends to capitalize on the benefits.


What brought you to Satellite Workplaces? 

We love the location and flexibility that Satellite Campbell has to offer. Our team likes the vibe of The Pruneyard and our clients love coming to this location to meet with us. Our favorite thing is the location and the modern vibe of the place. Ron has been super helpful to all of our needs


How do you balance your work and personal time?

We don’t have much balance in real estate. You work 7 days a week in this career. We just fit life in between all the rest of the work that has to get done.  Some of those things we fit around our busy schedule are a Great Pyrenees dog, a guinea pig, a cat, a chicken, and 4 goats!

Member Spotlight: Jaideep Sen, Minfy Technologies

Member Spotlight: Jaideep Sen, Minfy Technologies

Jaideep Sen is the Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Minfy Technologies. He tells us about his role and what his interests and involvements are outside of the office.


Minfy is an AI solutions company. My work allows me to meet with customers and partners in different parts of the world. It is amazing to see how businesses around the globe are trying to solve the same problems and get to similar outcomes.


In my spare time, I mentor and advise startup founders and entrepreneurs to help them build and grow their businesses. I volunteer for several charitable activities in the US and abroad. I am also an amateur author, having previously published a book called Trappings of a Big Company.  I am in the process of writing my second book now.


I love the ambiance around Satellite Sunnyvale – especially with all the free chocolates. 


I like networking and connecting with people, so feel free to reach out if you want to talk about AI, singularity, food, or entrepreneurship.