Member Spotlight: Hank Ratzesberger

If you need help with Linux, web hosting, or email security configuration, touch base with Hank Ratzesberger a member at Satellite Felton. Hank is a programmer, and marks his starting milestone as “when Time’s Man of the Year was a personal computer”. His expertise derived from his first employer who required that all code had flawless formatting and was thoroughly documented; it was a crash course in professionalism. A recent returnee to the Santa Cruz mountains from LA jobs, his route here traversed California coastal towns (and every good surf spot btw). A fond memory of that time–his whippets who used to chase jackrabbits.  They are dearly missed.

Hank was OVER working from home, which landed him at the Satellite. “I don’t have to heat or cool this space. Haha, but around here, you never know when the power’s going out.  There is space here. Tell your over-the-hill bosses that there is a functional office here that will save gas, time, and avoid Highway 17.” 

Hank is excited about getting all his Raspberry Pi devices working. He says, “One is an OpenWRT router, another is a WiFi Zero, and I have a LTE modem on another for Internet of Things … things.” 

NEW! Business Presence Plan for Google Business Profile Listings

NEW! Business Presence Plan for Google Business Profile Listings

As you probably know, Google changes its algorithms all the time, and Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) in flexible workspaces is currently in the crosshairs.

Google wants to know that you are actually working out of a space, that you have office hours, and that you can really be found there! They have indicated that you should have a suite number, a sign showing your business, and are open at that location for some period of time each week.

To that end, Satellite Workplaces has created a Business Presence – GBP plan. We can’t, of course, guarantee that you will get a GBP listing, but we can certainly increase your odds!

The Business Presence – GBP plan includes:

  • Everything included in the Business Presence Plan (mailbox, fob for 24/7 access to the center, member pricing, Meet Our Members presence on the website)
  • Directory Board – your company name on the directory board by the front door
  • Unique Suite Number – if the center is, say Suite #200, your suite number is #200-xxx (with xxx representing your mailbox number).
  • 4 half-days of open coworking per month

We can also include staffed hours for you. Contact us to sign up now or quote what you need!

CEO Barbara Sprenger Hosts Disaster Funding Virtual Conference

CEO Barbara Sprenger Hosts Disaster Funding Virtual Conference

​As a service to our members and the wider community, CEO Barbara Sprenger hosted a discussion to share what she has learned in applying for disaster relief funding for her businesses. For those of you who were unable to be on the call, the following information was provided. Please share with your coworkers, friends and family.  Also, please comment here with any additional information you discover. Both the questions and answers seem to change by the hour, so we hope to be a useful resource to our members and your networks as well.
Hang in there. Be well.

Click here to view the Zoom call and chat.
Click here to download slides with links.


Home IT Support for Our Members

Home IT Support for Our Members

You are working remote. Your colleagues and team members are working remote. Your friends and family are working remote. Everyone is now working remote.

But business—and your bills—go on.

If you no longer have access to your workspace, network or office, how are you carrying on? Our members now need a good, connected work environment at home.

In an effort to help you keep your businesses up and running during these uncertain times, we are offering Home IT Setup and Support to our members.

Here are some of the most valuable and relevant services we’re offering:

  • Get access to your office’s file server via a new VPN setup
  • Have office phone calls forwarded to your mobile device
  • Redirect email
  • Set up a cloud-based file server
  • Create rolling backups on a remote server so all data is backed up
  • Analyze your home WiFi signals and improve if necessary by upgrading routers and/or access points
  • Connect teams via phone or video conference calls.
  • Troubleshoot and setup printers and devices
  • Website updates to keep your members and potential members updated about protocol, openings, etc.
  • Home IT check-up

Our team can do most of this remotely, which means wherever you and your members are, we can likely help.

If you’re a Satellite Member, these services are offered at a reduced rate. If you’re not a Satellite Member, we are still here to help. Contact us to start a conversation.

Safety Tips for 24/7 Access outside Reg Business Hours

Safety Tips for 24/7 Access outside Reg Business Hours

Greetings fellow Satellite members!

The year has officially made its way back to having darker and colder days. We’d like to take a moment to share some helpful tips on how to stay safe and protected, while at the same time maintain effective and productive in all your work tasks at the Satellite!

Here at the Satellite, we take your well being and security very seriously. Cameras are placed to view the front and back doors and the open cubicle area. Even though you have 24/7 access, only members or their guests for meetings can enter the Satellite during non-staffed hours.

If you’re working outside regular business hours and you see/hear people knocking to get your attention to open doors, please do not engage.

All who’ve been granted access to the building during unstaffed hours have a 24/7 access key.

Do not leave unattended keys or correspondence out in the open. Also, please do not accept correspondence from mail delivery personnel or people stopping by from the neighborhood.

If you forget your key card or need immediate staff support with non-emergency matters, please call our after hour support line, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

(408) 442-3040

Please do not disturb people at work – they might be working on a deadline.

In case of an emergency, dial 911.

Find more tips on how to maintain safe and vigilant during this holiday season at the National Neighborhood Watch; A Division of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

We look forward to ending another great and safe year with our great coworking/shared office community!

Contact Maria at The Satellite Felton for more with any questions concerning after hour safety, or to learn more about membership at other Satellite Centers.