Tiny House Theater at the Satellite Felton

Tiny House Theater at the Satellite Felton

Tiny House Theater

Satellite Felton
Event Space
Wednesday, Nov 13
2-3 PM
$7 Admission


Don’t miss out on an hour of magical tales and heartfelt imagination. Aside from being joyfully entertaining, studies have found that puppet shows bring several other benefits to their audiences. From expanding the limits of one’s imagination to supporting positive and social emotional development through the use of different perspectives, puppet shows offer a fun and easy way to learn social and interpersonal skills. Join us at Satellite Felton for a free viewing of Madrone D’Ardenne’s Tiny House Theater production.

Tiny House Theater – Testimonials:
“What Madrone offers creates a magical, reverent, calming environment where the story can penetrate your soul and heart. Madrone, I admire your thoughtful intentions, planning and continual learning. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! Your down-to-earthness makes you stand out from other Waldorf-style puppeteers I have encountered.” — JILL – Home Preschool Owner


Read more testimonials and get more info on Tiny House Theater. To learn more about this event, contact Maria at The Satellite Felton, or call during regular business: (831) 222-2100

9th Annual Satellite Haunted House

9th Annual Satellite Haunted House

9th Annual Satellite
(and Monster Mash)
Halloween Night
5-8 PM

It’s that time of the year again when Satellite Felton’s usually quiet and comfortable shared office space (and normally non-terrifying private professional spaces such as offices and conference rooms) transform into a fun and kid-friendly Haunted House!

Candy and other treats for the kids will be available (with wine and deals for the big kids!)

Doors will be creaking open at 5PM and eerily closing themselves at 8PM. Don’t be left behind! We may be going home after the event… but the monsters may linger! MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!

If you would like to be a part of the event, there are many opportunities for contribution. Donate your time, a few pumpkins, candy, etc.


Satellite Felton needs people to help staff, set up, and break down the Haunted House. If you’re an adult or a high school student who enjoys being part of a fun and creative team, please consider joining us.

Set-up and take-down crew: If you’re available on Halloween evening, we need lots of help with setting up and taking down the Haunted House.
Actors: If you have acting ability, we have openings for actors inside the Haunted House.
Ushers: If you are an outgoing adult, we could use you as one of the ushers who bring groups through the Haunted House.

Volunteering for Satellite Felton’s Haunted House is a unique and amazing experience. Scare people and have lots of fun with your friends, schoolmates, and colleagues.


Find more chilling Halloween tales at This American Life . . .and if you enjoy, here’s a bonus episode to follow.

Don’t forget to check this Ghost Directory that shares all the haunted spaces through Santa Cruz County, including Felton!

Contact Maria at The Satellite Felton for more information about this event, or to learn more about membership at other Satellite Centers.

Community Sandwich Bar

Community Sandwich Bar

On select days of the month, the kitchen will be set up as a DIY, buffet style sandwich bar. Members are welcome to help themselves after setup is complete at 12pm. If unsure on which combinations to try, ask your Community Manager for suggestions on how to build your own tasty creation!


Introducing Fiber Optic Internet at The Satellite Felton

Introducing Fiber Optic Internet at The Satellite Felton

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic Internet sends data faster than basic cable. It’s delivered on a dedicated line, which facilitates more consistent speed than cable. This is true even during peak usage times.

Often, fiber optic Internet is considered more reliable. It is immune to many of the conditions that cable Internet is susceptible to. Fiber optic Internet is less likely to go down during a power outage.

Because fiber optic Internet is made of glass, there is no electricity involved. This protects it against interference from nearby power lines or high voltage electrical equipment. This also helps reduce the risk of fire.

The private network installed to your location makes fiber optic Internet harder to hack.

Fiber can withstand more temperature fluctuations than cable. It can also be submerged in water.

Fiber optic Internet is included in all Satellite Felton memberships.

To learn more about The Satellite Felton, contact Maria, or stop by anytime during our regular business hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.