Meet the Team: Victor Mora


Victor Mora expertly juggles two roles at Satellite Workplaces Gilroy, aka Greenhouse Coworking. He is both Assistant Community Manager and Media Operations Manager for CMAP TV. We sat down with Victor to ask him about his two roles and experiences at Satellite Workplaces.

What’s your background?

I’m originally from sunny San Diego and moved up to Los Angeles after high school to study film. From there I pursued a career in video production. After a couple of years I moved to the central coast where I became the Media Operations Manager for CMAP TV, a non-profit in Gilroy. CMAP brings media access to the community of Gilroy and San Benito County. I’m also an Assistant Manager for Greenhouse Coworking.

What do you love about working at Satellite Workplaces?

The friendly team of Community Managers and others. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful when I have any questions. They all have awesome personalities so it’s easy to get along with them!

What’s your favorite thing about your members?

I enjoy the personal relationships I build with them. I like to hear how they’re doing and how their businesses are doing.

What’s your favorite thing about your Satellite location?

I like that we offer not only some great office space but also a full studio with a control room to broadcast and a green screen! It’s such an interesting thing to offer here in Gilroy. I don’t think many know it’s out here. We’re hoping to change that!

What’s something unexpected about working at Satellite Workplaces?

You never know what the next member will be like. Satellite Workplaces offers so many different membership options that we might get a student, a small business owner or someone who just needs a space to work on personal creative projects.

What’s something you’re excited about right now?

I’m currently excited about the airing of our second episode of “CMAP presents Community Spotlight”. It’s very rewarding to see something created and released online and on air. It was also shot and edited here at Greenhouse Coworking!

Can you tell us about yourself outside of work?

Other than assisting at Greenhouse Coworking and filming for CMAP, I’m typically out at the movies or at a concert with friends. 2022 is also the year I create more video edits for my personal social media! I’ve also recently realized that my hobby is running, so a lot of my free time is dedicated to training for my next marathon!

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