The Bustling Hotel Lyndon: Home to Satellite Los Gatos


Lyndon Plaza, which houses Satellite Workplaces Los Gatos, sits at 20 S. Santa Cruz Avenue and W. Main Street. It was at one time The Los Gatos Hotel. The hotel sat in the heart of Los Gatos and was central to the lives of those who lived there. 


John Lyndon was an early settler in the Los Gatos area. In 1878, he deeded land to the Pacific Coast Railroad and built a hotel across the street from the train station. This brought an influx of business and tourism to the town. That hotel burned down on May 26, 1898, when a gas lamp exploded. Hotel Lyndon opened on June 1, 1899, as the replacement for the original hotel. 



The beautiful new building served as the site of numerous celebrations, banquets, meetings, and dances until it was destroyed in 1963. Old articles found in the building suggest that almost anything that could happen in the daily life of a small town happened at the hotel.


From hotel to coworking space, our central location is perfect for business and community activities alike. We love being within walking distance of amazing restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, and cafes. Nestled right at the base of the stunning Santa Cruz mountains, you have an ideal work atmosphere with an unmatchable downtown vibe only Los Gatos can offer. 

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