Meet the Team: Niko Garrido


Niko Garrido is a Community Manager at our Gilroy location who has a strong passion for coworking and the community it offers. He tells us some of the reasons he enjoys his role at Greenhouse as much as he does.


What’s your background?

Hello everyone – my name is Niko and I am the new Community Manager at Greenhouse Coworking in Gilroy! My background is in public relations. Before working for Greenhouse Coworking, I was a salesperson for Marc Jacobs. I worked with oversea bulk buyers, managing their large quantity purchases, and customer service. I also worked in event planning and DJ performing for a pop-up called The Rabbit Hole. We held music shows, art and clothing venues, poetry nights, and movie nights with a surprise guest, film director Joe Talbot. He did a Q/A for his film The Last Black Man in San Francisco. 


What brought you to Satellite Workplaces?

Ever since working with my friends at The Rabbit Hole I always wanted to find a place in community building. My cousin owns a Coworking studio in the Philippines called Nook. I watched him build it from the ground up from 2017 to now. I love all the things he does for his workplace. He brings people together not only through his lovely studio, but also through the events he organizes and hosts there. With that being said, I’m happy to have found Greenhouse. I feel like this is what I’m meant to do – create communities and bring people together.


What do you love about working at Satellite Workplaces?

It is my third week working at Greenhouse and I already love the togetherness this workplace brings. People here are easy to talk to. Working with the Satellite team has been great. I like that we all care about building off new ideas and share the same views in community building.


What’s your favorite thing about your members?

Our members are super cool. I enjoy seeing the Digital Nest team and think their work is amazing. Carolina is so sweet and passionate about her work, and I really admire her philosophy.


What’s your favorite thing about your Satellite location?

One of my favorite things about this location is how open it is. The sun shines perfectly here which makes the space feel more alive. And our location! We’re in the heart of downtown Gilroy which has been experiencing a lot of development. There are block parties, parades, and many places opening up around us which is great for community building.


What’s something unexpected about working at Greenhouse?

I knew Greenhouse worked in media with CMAP TV, but I didn’t realize how much these resources were utilized. I even met the mayor of Gilroy on my second day working here while she was filming in the studio. That’s a big change of pace for me!


What’s something you’re excited about right now?

I am very excited to start planning more events. I think this is a great way to market our location to Gilroy. I want people in our city to participate in workshops and events and hope they spread the word about our lovely workplaces to others to either become a member or bring more people that would like to be a part of our community.


Tell us about yourself outside of work.

I started DJing about 3 years ago and it’s been great. I’m a resident DJ at Cardiff in Campbell and I am interested in doing weddings and other events of that caliber. I can play any genre and my style is playing more edits than originals. I’m trying to transition into a House/Techno and Disco style because I enjoy playing that most. It’s great seeing people’s reactions when I play music – a lot of dancing which is great for business. 


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