Meet the Team: Tori De Pina


Tori De Pina is our newest Community Manager at Satellite Campbell. She sits down with us to tell about her experience in life and her new role in the center.


What’s your background?

I come from a background shaped by the sacrifices made by my parents who immigrated here from Brazil to provide me with a better life and greater opportunities. These experiences are rooted in resilience and determination, highlighting the importance of perseverance and hard work. My versatile background in pre-nursing, sales, and data analytics has given me the opportunity to experience different types of work environments, allowing me to find myself and my passion along the way. With this diverse journey, I aim to pave the way for young adults, particularly Latinas, in the tech industry. My commitment is fueled by breaking barriers and creating a path for others to follow, inspired by the lessons learned from these sacrifices.


What brought you to Satellite Workplaces?

After completing the Year Up tech program, dedicated to closing the opportunity divide for young adults, I found myself uncertain about my next steps in the job market. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a Satellite job posting online and applied without much expectation. I was contacted a few days later and successfully navigated the interview process. Now, as the new Campbell Community Manager, I am relishing every learning and growth opportunity in my role.


What do you love about working at Satellite Workplaces?

I’m thrilled with the continuous support from my team. Starting a new position is never easy, but everyone has been incredibly helpful and patient. The environment encourages constant learning, and each day brings new opportunities to build upon my skills. Despite being new, I’ve had the chance to connect with members on a personal level. Every day at Satellite is unique and exciting, making work a dynamic and ever-changing experience.


What’s your favorite thing about your members?

I deeply appreciate the warm welcome from our members. While I’m naturally a social person, it usually takes me some time to feel completely comfortable being myself. From the very beginning, I’ve felt at ease enough to engage in conversations and truly be me. Many members have gone out of their way to get to know me, creating a sense of genuine belonging within the Satellite community.


What’s your favorite thing about your Satellite location?

I consider myself fortunate to work at The Pruneyard. I adore the peaceful atmosphere and the abundance of excellent food spots. Being surrounded by other businesses creates a sense of belonging to a vibrant community. It’s a place where there’s never a dull moment, and I appreciate the dynamic energy it brings to my work experience.


What’s something unexpected about working at Satellite Workplaces?

An unexpected perk of working at Satellite Workplaces is the diverse range of professionals and industries represented here. I’ve had the chance to connect with individuals from different backgrounds, leading to a rich and dynamic work environment.


What’s something you’re excited about right now?

I’m really excited about growing both professionally and personally. Right now, I’m balancing work and school, and I can’t wait to keep learning. It’s a bit challenging, but I find it invigorating to step out of my comfort zone. I’m looking forward to tackling new opportunities and facing different challenges along the way.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work?

Outside of work, I’m currently wrapping up my associates degree in psychology. Family time is precious to me, and I often find joy in going on walks while soaking in some good music. Traveling is a passion, and this year, I’ve set a goal to be more spontaneous in my adventures. I consider myself an extroverted introvert – I love socializing, but I also cherish my alone time for some much-needed recharge.

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