Satellite Campbell

Printer Setup

Before you can start printing at Satellite Workplace, you will need to set up our printer on your computer. You are welcome to set up the printer on your computer using the instructions below, or ask your Community Manager for help and we are happy to set up the printer for you.

Printer Setup for Macs

  1. Download the printer driver here: macOS
  2. Open the file that downloads, then double click the box icon and click through the Installer prompts
  3. When the installation is complete, click on the Apple Icon in the upper left-hand corner of your desktop and click “System Preferences”, then click “Printer & Scanners”
  4. Beneath the list of printers you have already added, click the “+” symbol to add a new printer
  5. You should see “Sharp MX-2651” listed, click to highlight it
  6. In the “Name” field, delete the name that auto-populates and type “Satellite Campbell”
  7. For the “Use” column, be sure “Sharp MX-2651 PPD” is selected
  8. Click “Add”
  9. You will now see the printer “Satellite Campbell” listed, click it to highlight, then click “Options & Supplies,” go to the “Options” tab and select “2 Trays” from the “Input
  10. Tray Options” dropdown menu at the top, finally click “OK”
  11. Once completed close out the Printers & Scanners screen, then open a document that you would like to print
  12. Click “Command + P” to open the Print dialogue box (If you are printing from Chrome click “Option + Command + P” to open the system print dialog box instead of Chrome’s)
  13. From the “Presets” dropdown, select “Save Current Settings as Preset…”
  14. For “Preset Name” type in “B&W” then click OK.
  15. From the “Preview” dropdown menu halfway down the dialog box, select “Job Handling” (You may need to click “Show Details” for this dropdown to be visible)
  16. Click the “Authentication” tab, then select the bubble for “User Number” and enter your Satellite Printer Code, which can be found on your Membership Agreement
  17. Next, from the same dropdown where you selected “Job Handling,” now select “Image Quality”
  18. Set the Color Mode to “Black & White”
  19. Click “Print” on the bottom of the screen and your document should print in black and white
  20. Repeat steps 13-21 to create a Color preset
  21. Next time you go to print your printer code should be saved and you will not have to re-enter it, simply select the color mode you want from the “Preset” dropdown and click “Print”

Printer Setup for PCs

  1. Download the correct printer driver for you OS:
  2. From the Campbell list, click on the appropriate download link for your OS, then open the download
  3. An installation dialog box will appear, double click your way through until the Install Wizard Program launches
  4. When asked if you want to “Auto Configure” the print driver, choose “Yes” to enable the driver to automatically detect what accessories and options you have on the machine
  5. Once the driver configuration process is complete with the Install Wizard Tool, close out that program
  6. Click on the Windows Icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your desktop
  7. Click the Gear icon to access the Windows Settings Page, then click “Devices” and “Printers & Scanners”
  8. Click on the Sharp MX-2651 and choose “Manage”
  9. Choose “Printing Preferences” to open up the Print Driver Settings
  10. Choose your default settings for double-sided printing, color printing, and B&W printing
  11. Click the “Job Handling” tab at the top of the dialogue box
  12. On the right, under Authentication Section, select “User Number” from the drop down
  13. In the text box that opens, enter your Satellite Printer Code, which can be found on your Membership Agreement
  14. Click “Apply,” then “OK”